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Water & Waste Water


In those industries that must have a power backup system for their electric actuators, the Custegis system is a patented design that fits many applications.  Boiler valve systems, process plants, fluid control, oil & gas, and many other industries benefit from this unique patented design.  

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Hazardous Location

Hegwood Electric is a UL 698A and UL NNNY registered panel shop.  We have built a number of intrinsically safe and hazardous location control panels.  

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Water & Wastewater Treatment

The water and wastewater industry has been a constant for Hegwood Electric since 1970.  Water purification, utility water pump stations at quarries, duplex-triplex-quadplex pump control, Sweetwater quality monitoring (via satellite or internet), and more has been designed, built, and implemented by Hegwood.  

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