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UL 508A

Water & Wastewater Treatment

The water and wastewater industry has been a constant for Hegwood Electric since 1970.  Water purification, utility water pump stations at quarries, duplex-triplex-quadplex pump control, Sweetwater quality monitoring (via satellite or internet), and more has been designed, built, and implemented by Hegwood.  

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Machine Control Systems

Hegwood Electric has built custom machine control panels for years.  Whether is for testing purposes, golf ball conveying, flexible metal shafts, or hydraulic machines, we have satisfied customers located around the world using our products.

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Food Processing Systems

Hegwood Electric has many years of experience in the food processing industry.  These environments are very hard on equipment with high temperature, chemical, and washdowns occuring often.  This expertise helps us deal with a number of different applications requiring rugged, quality control panels.

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Material Handling / Conveyors

Since our beginnings in 1970, Hegwood Electric has worked in the material handling business.  To this day, although the technology has changed, we still successfully design, build, and startup material handling systems for power plants, boxes, wood chips, and even golf balls.  

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Pumps & Fluid Control

Hydraulic power units, valve control, duplex pump control, steam control, and hydraulic machine control panels have been build by Hegwood Electric.  These control panels are located globally and vary in voltage and frequency.  

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Air Filtration Systems

We build numerous Air Filtration control panels of different configurations.  These systems range from simple starters to complex PLC and VFD panels.

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Processing Plants

Hegwood Electric fabricates control panels for numerous different processing industries.  From food processing, chemicals, and more.  We have over 48 years of experience to assist you with your control needs.  

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